The Bowlines is a rock/folk/americana band from Sweden centered around the haunting and beautiful songs of singer/songwriter Fredrik Öster. The Bowlines possesses a truly unique sound firmly rooted in Scandinavian melancholy and the american songbook. They find inspiration in the music of The Allman Brothers Band, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young, Calexico, Bob Dylan, The Walkmen, Electric Magnolia Co and Kevin Morby.

The Bowlines made their first public appearance in march 2019 at Nefertiti in Goteborg. They released an ep in late october 2019, a demo recording in august 2020, a single in november 2021 and their latest release is a single released at the end of may 2022.

The members of The Bowlines include Fredrik Öster on vocals, Peter Ehlebrink on guitar, Ingemar ”Swävarn” Johansson on bass, Gunnar Frick on keyboards and accordion and Mathias Lundberg on drums.